About Us

Your health is incredibly important, so you eat healthy and exercise. Now that you’ve got a new addition to the family, you want to extend this practice to the food your baby will soon eat. It’s never too early to think about this, as your newborn is going to be eating baby food before you know it.

Most parents don’t think that they have the time to make their own baby food, as it is a process. We, however, have created a solution.

Who We Are

We’re a couple that prefers to make homemade baby food puree for our little one. It’s never too late to choose healthy foods for your baby, and we are here to show you how. Of course, there are endless YouTube channels that showcase options, but we do things a bit differently.

For one, our research is extensive, and we only focus on authority websites. These include the Mayo Clinic, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and hospitals. When we find new information that we want to incorporate into our site or our baby food, we always discuss it with our pediatrician first.

We Care About Your Family

We never include any blog posts or recipes that we haven’t thoroughly researched because we know that this could be harmful to our baby and yours. Therefore, everything we do is thoroughly tested and discussed with our pediatrician. When we are sure that the food is safe, we give it to our little one, and ultimately, share it with our clients.

Because we are both college-educated on nutrition and have extensive research and real life experience, we know that processed baby food is highly unhealthy. We also try to live healthy lifestyles, and we know that many parents out there want to do the same.

Now, you don’t have to spend a fortune on organic baby food and still be unsure of what’s in it. You have access to our YouTube videos, recipes, and blog posts to help you choose the best ingredients and methods of preparation for your little one.

Why Purees Are Better

Homemade purees are much healthier for your baby. Generally, jarred baby food is heated excessively to kill the bacteria, but this also removes some of the nutrients. You always have access to seasonal, fresh ingredients when you make the food yourself. Plus, your baby is getting all the minerals and vitamins they need to boost their immune system and develop properly.

Homemade baby food can also be more cost-effective. Buy ingredients on sale and reduce your costs by making it yourself. You’re not spending the money for packaging or manufacturing, as well as transportation. Therefore, you can often make homemade purees for much less than one jar of commercial baby food.


Though our research is thorough, and we make sure our baby likes everything we make, it is best to discuss homemade baby food with your pediatrician. Let him or her know you plan to try a new recipe or have read a new blog so that he or she can determine if this is the right step for your little one.