How to make baby poop instantly! (well almost)

make baby poop instantly

It sucks when your baby is constipated. They can’t sleep, they’re grouchy, you’re sleepless and all you want to do is comfort your child. We hear you. We have had the same problem. All babies get constipated whether it be from the food they eat (such as bananas in our case) or just their digestive system adjusting to all the new stuff they’re eating. We wanted to find a solution of how to make our baby poop instantly as the title says, we feel like we got close enough to that with this solution.

Whats the solution to make your baby poop instantly?

We read many articles online and watched many YouTube videos and most sources recommended foods high in fiber. This worked to an extent but not always. Finally we asked our pediatrician during our babies checkup and he suggested Flax Seed Oil.

The flax seed oil that we use

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This thing worked like magic. One teaspoon in your babies puree of choice once or twice a day is all you need. That’s basically it. Now you can be comfortable knowing that your baby is relieved. After our babies constipation ended we still put a teaspoon of flax seed oil in her food per day or sometimes every other day just to keep her regular.

Keep in mind that fibrous food of course do help. It is known to for babies and adults and is definitely great for your babies diet. But, this flax seed oil was just that little extra push (no pun intended) that helps babies go potty. Basically it is how we made our baby poop instantly

If you want to see how we incorporated flax seed oil into a meal or just get a healthy organic meal idea for your little one. Check out the video below:

Flax seed oil can be added to any puree, such as this 3 vegetable puree we made! I

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