Top 4 Reasons You Will LOVE The Homia Dansa 8 in 1 baby food Processor!

5.0 rating

This is much more than a baby food steamer and blender. This makes our list for the best baby food maker of 2020.

REVIEW – Homia Dansa – 8 in 1 Smart Baby Food Processor

This homia dansa 8 in 1 is a great baby food maker . We use it for everything we make for our baby and you can even see it featured multiple times in our videos. The functions seem endless, so lets get into the details.

The top 4 reasons you will LOVE the homia baby food processor!

  • Convenience– It has 3 compartments so it can make 3 meals at the same time. The cup sizes are 5 oz, 12 oz and 25 oz. They stack onto of each other or you can cook with each one separately as needed.
  • Multi functionality – This baby food maker has 8 functions. It can steam, blend, puree, sterilize, juice, warm, chop and defrost.
  • Easy to clean – The blade is removable so we have a really easy time cleaning this thing.
  • Safe – This product is BPA free and dishwasher safe so we don’t have to worry about the safety issue of heating our babies food in the plastic. Most products today for babies are BPA free but not all. We love the fact that this one is and make sure to check that all of our babies products are.

Get Creative with healthy organic home made meals for baby!

We love finding new recipes for our baby online, from fellow parents, or using the cookbook that comes included with the Homia Dana 8 in 1 baby food processor. Here are some great meals we made for our baby with this product below as well as links to our post on how we made them.

Check out our video below to see it in use!

So as you can see, we are pretty big fans of this thing! We hope you enjoyed and found this informative. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.