How to make pumpkin and pear puree for baby

Preparation Time: 10 minutesCooking Time: 20 minutes

This is a delicious recipe for baby. A nice mix of savory and sweet. Easy to prepare and really packs in a lot of nutrients. Both foods are great for digestion and the fiber content will leave your baby how shall we say...relieved.

pumpkin pear puree for baby

Making 1 serving of pumpkin pear puree for your baby and a note on serving sizes

Making one servicing of pumpkin and pear puree for your baby is surprisingly easy. The payoff of this recipe is massive nutrient wise. The health benefits are huge as we will go into later in the article. You can also just double the ingredients lists to double the servings or triple them and so on. This is a good recipe for making in larger amounts and storing for later.

You know best how much your baby likes to eat so the servings are relative really. Our baby girl happens to be long (29 inches at 6 months) so we never really follow the exact amounts of serving sizes on recipes. We take them as a general guideline and suggest you do the same.

Even though our little one hasn’t said her first word yet, she will let us know when she is done eating without a doubt. She will for example turn her head away from the spoon, not open her mouth or make a cute little face that we as parents understand means that she is full.

One time she did this cute little thing where mommy was giving her the spoon and just as it was about to hit her lips, she grabbed her pacifier.

The second the food was about to hit her mouth she put the pacifier in her mouth and started sucking on it like Maggie from The Simpsons. It was a pretty cool move and we had a good laugh. The point is, take ingredients list with a grain of salt because nobody knows your baby like you do and they will let you know when they are full in most cases.

Of course, our best advice would be to follow your pediatricians guidelines. They know your baby more than any website or any recipe writer can as well. Now lets get to the recipe!

Ingredients/Instructions :

To make one serving of pumpkin pear puree for your baby all you need to do is

  • Cut and peel 3/4 cup pumpkin
  • Cut and peel 1/2 cup pear
  • Steam both for 20 minutes
  • Blend for about 30 seconds or until texture is just right for baby
  • Let cool and serve to baby with love.

That is it really. Making homemade organic baby food does not have to be hard. This way you know exactly what your baby is eating and the ingredients list only has 2 items unlike almost all factory made baby food.

Factory made baby food usually has a long list of ingredients and preservatives and some things we haven’t even heard of that were made in a lab somewhere. There are some other things you may want to consider when making pumpkin and pear puree for your baby which we will discuss below.

Items needed for preparation

So the ingredients are pretty simple. What about the other items you will need for preparation? Well we like simplicity so we made that stage easy for ourselves as well. Busy parents need all the time saving they can get. This is why even though the steaming/blending can be done with a pot and boiling water then in a separate blender, we strongly suggest an all in one baby food processor. It will save a ton of time.

We use the homia dansa 8 in 1 baby food processor. It is out of stock at the time of writing this article but another one we have heard people raving about and it is almost exactly the same as ours is the Bable all in 1 baby food processor.

With this processor we steam the ingredients then simply take out the steaming basket and set it to blend on the same product. We are always talking about this baby food processor but that’s because it is a staple in our every day life for preparing food for our baby. See it in action below in our video of how to make pumpkin and pear puree for baby.

Health benefits of pumpkin and pear puree for baby

Pumpkin health benefits

  • Eye health – According to Milan Eye Center and many other leading organizations in health, pumpkins are great for your eyes. They contain Vitamin A which protects the cornea and aids in seeing in low light. Also, Vitamin C which reduces risk of adult blindness and Zinc which aids the delivery of Vitamin A to the retina.
  • Digestion – The fiber content in pumpkins is great. It helps prevent constipation and cleans intestines on the way down.
  • Immune System – The Vitamin C in pumpkins helps to also boost your immune system. It is a very well rounded vegetable honestly and the taste is awesome for babies according to our little one.
  • Helps babies sleep – The tryptophan in pumpkins helps babies body create seratonin. Seratonin in turn creates melatonin which helps babies biological clock know when it is day or night.

Pear health benefits

Digestion – Pears also contain a good amount of fiber so this recipe will really be helpful. It will aid in digestion and prevent constipation for baby as well.

Antioxidants – These are known to prevent cell damage and diseases like cancer and heart disease. Pears are loaded with them in the form of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Copper. They are a great addition to babies diet and for adults as well.

Low Acidity – Pears have fairly low acidity for a fruit and are good help with preventing acid reflux disease. The low acidity makes pear a much better first fruit choice for babies than many other fruits such as oranges for instance which have higher acidity.

Immune System – Pears also have Vitamin C which helps babies immune system. The combination of pumpkin and pears in this recipe will give baby a nice healthy boost and help prevent colds. Pears have 12% daily value of Vitamin C while pumpkins have 17% daily value.

What to watch out for when preparing pumpkin and pear puree for baby?

The pumpkin is pretty hard to chop as you can see in the video. Be careful and make sure you have a sharp knife handy and take your time! Safety first, always.

You can plastic wrap the unused portion of the pumpkin and let it sit on the shelf for later use or for use in other recipes. It seems to last pretty well on the shelf (2-4 days) and can last months in the fridge/freezer.

Also, the texture of pumpkin is very thick and dense. Make sure it is steamed well (20 minutes usually does the trick.) If after blending the consistency still seems thick, then you can add some left over water from the steaming process to soften it a bit. This way it can be just right for your little one.

Storing for later

Pears will last for :

  • 3-4 days in the refrigerator
  • 3 months in the freezer

Pumpkins last for:

  • 4-6 days in the refrigerator
  • 4-5 months in the freezer

This recipe is great for storing for later. You can put it in a fridge/freezer with a mix of other puree recipes. This way baby will get a variety of nutrients daily and you will have more time to do the important things parents need to do.

We don’t freeze our homemade baby food usually. This is not because of anything but our own preference and the amount of time we have available for making baby food. We have enough time to make baby food every day or every other day and we enjoy making it.

However, not everyone has time available to make baby food every day or every other day. If you want to freeze your baby food , it is completely safe and will not lose any nutrition according to the USDA and many other organizations.

Freezing food actually helps maintain nutrients and freezing them soon after preparation is recommended to ensure that the most nutrients are preserved. Once thawed however it should be treated as a fresh perishable food and consumed soon after.

In Conclusion

Feel free to add items in after consulting your pediatrician. For a lot of meals we add just a touch of cinnamon which our baby loves. If she is ever constipated we add 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil which helps her with that issue right away.

We hope this recipe along with the helpful tips gave you more than enough information for making home made pumpkin pear puree for your baby. Finding a balance of simple to make, nutritious for baby and tasty for baby is hard sometimes. We fine tuned our recipes to include many flavors and different nutrients that babies enjoy. For more recipes check out our recipe section.