A gift that we didn’t know we needed turned out to be a very useful upgrade – review of the VTech video baby monitor

A gift that we didn’t know we needed turned out to be a very useful upgrade

We have up until recently used a safety 1st brand baby monitor. It is sound only and did the job it needed to. When our baby cried we heard her and were made aware instantly. Tech savvy as we are, we never considered a video baby monitor as something we needed at all honestly. Until we got the VTech video baby monitor as a gift. Our unit is the VM3252 to be exact. It is a life safer.

The features of the VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor

  1. The Range

    At 1000 feet, the range should be fine for almost anywhere. This measurement is taken in open air however and varies in different environments and through walls. VTech states that indoors the range is 160 feet. In our home it reaches anywhere with perfect reception so far. We don’t see range as being an issue at all with this monitor.

  2. The Convenience

    This thing is ready to go right out of the box. No connecting to your homes WiFi network or anything like that. Not that connecting to your WiFi would be such a hassle anyway but they made it just that easy to get started.

  3. 2 Way Talk

    You can talk to your little one from the parent unit and comfort them while you are on your way to them when you hear them wake up. Sometimes all a baby needs is her parents voice to soothe them and this feature is just awesome honestly.

  4. Temperature sensor

    Coming from using a sound only monitor, this feature is light years ahead in our mind. We can know for certain if our baby is too cold or warm. No guessing why your little one is crying, or wondering if they are uncomfortable, checking if they are sweaty etc. This is a great added touch

  5. Soothing ambient noise or lullabies

    If that all was not enough the Vtech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor plays soothing ambient noise or lullabies. Sometimes tech gadgets can pile on features that aren’t all that useful just to make them seem better I guess or I don’t know why. A lot of our gadgets have features we never use. All of the features on this thing have a very specific use that we love so far and our baby loves the lullabies.

  6. Night Vision

    Okay we honestly have not used this one much yet but we turned the lights off just to test it out and it is legit. I mean night vision? How cool is that? Seems like some high tech stuff the military would use. Our baby sleeps in our room for now but when her room is ready this feature will definitely be getting some use.

  7. Sound activation

    Last but not least, we found this feature pretty cool because you don’t need the glare from the monitor on all night as you try to sleep but want to monitor your baby also. It turns on when only when your baby makes sounds and other times it is in standby mode. Simple and helpful.

The verdict

Well going from a sound only monitor to this awesome monitor with so many features it is hard not to love it. When comparing it to others online it is on par or has even more features and the reviews don’t lie either. Check it out for yourself in the link below. To be transparent we will get a % of the profits (at no additional cost to you) if you click the link but we only endorse products we use and love. Let us know what you think of the VTech video baby monitor.

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