What are the best apples to puree for baby?

best apples to puree for baby

Apples are a long time staple in baby food and apple sauce or puree is known to be healthy and delicious for babies. There are some exceptions however that you may want to consider before choosing the next apple to puree for your little one. So what are the best apples to puree for your baby?

The best apples to puree for your baby are those with less acidity such as Golden Delicious, Fuji or Sweet Caroline. Apples such as Granny Smith, Cortland or Sir Prize should be avoided due to their acidity. Less acidic apples are healthier for babies digestive systems and help avoid acid reflux.

There are many varieties of apples and knowing exactly which to serve to baby is an important thing to know. For this reason we have created a table to simplify your life. This can be a quick reference you can turn to if you ever are in doubt.

Table of apples that are good to puree for babies

Good For BabyNot Good For Baby
JonagoldPink Lady
MacounGranny Smith
Golden DeliciousBraeburn
Sweet CarolineJazz
KikuSir Prize
EnvyJersey Mac
Pacific RoseAkane
Honey Crisp
Red Delicious

Quick ways to make sure apple is not too acidic for baby

This table can be helpful in a lot of situations. However, when shopping for apples, the conditions are not always ideal. Sometimes the variety of apple is not specifically labelled or maybe some variety of apples got mixed in with other ones. There are 2 ways that can always be used together to tell fairly effectively if an apple is too acidic:

  1. Taste Test – Simply taste the apple. If it is a tart flavor sort of like a Granny Smith apple then it is too acidic. It may taste delicious for you but your baby would definitely appreciate something less tart.

  2. Visual Test – Is the apple red or yellow? In that case it is probably fine. The greener the apple the more acidic it is in most cases. So steer clear of green apples if you are unsure of the variety.

Feeding apple puree to baby

Now that you have apple selection covered, how should you prepare the apple for baby so it is just right? There are some things you may want to keep in mind.

Apples should be peeled and chopped into small pieces before making into puree. This helps in the blending process. We steam apples for our little one. They can be boiled also. Our all in one food processor can blend, steam, defrost and a few other cool things that makes our life easy as parents. You can check it out here.

Apples should never be fed raw to babies up to 12 months. Even in pureed form they present a choking hazard if uncooked.


As always, use your best judgement and discuss with your pediatrician before you do anything new with your babies diet. We hope this has helped you make your decision and be more informed on what the best apples to puree for baby are. Let us know which apples you like to feed to your baby in the comments below.

We love making food for our little one and are sometimes over-analytical about the nutrition benefits so we do quite a bit of research on it. If you want to learn more check out our fruits for baby section in the menu at the top of the page. We have a great article on bananas you may find interesting.

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